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I am delighted with how QMS is working for us.It definitely has my GMs on their toes like they have never been before................We have been using Hotel QMS software for nearly two years .this customer service program has enabled us to keep a better finger on the pulse of our operations and introduce improvements based on guest feedback. For example, at one of our hotels, we recognized the need to upgrade our continental breakfast offerings and at another we proactively addressed specific housekeeping concerns....................The most attractive feature of Hotel QMS is the fast turn around of information as it is almost instantaneous. The reports are online and month-end reports help us analyze the trends..........................Before we licensed the HotelQMS, we were using paper comment cards like most other cost-conscious hotels do. That system was unreliable. We also considered mail-surveys but found that option to be expensive and inconvenient. By comparison, this survey software is affordable and is automated......................The most useful feature of the software is that now we can use the guest feedback data to give performance incentives to the hotel team and implement a continuous improvement program thus fostering the internal culture of "service excellence." This is the foundation of our financial success.

HOTEL QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (Hotel QMS) – a unit of Differential Web Solutions, Inc. is pleased to offer cost effective solutions to hotel brand and hotel managers that address service and product quality issues. The solution s  are now available in the following three versions:

Email Survey Solution is designed to serve as an electronic survey or comment card that could be sent by email to all guests with email addresses on record. As soon as a guest submits the completed questionnaire, the data is automatically processed and reports generated instantly for immediate access through password protected code from anywhere at anytime 24/7. Additionally, an instant feedback representing the completed survey is sent to a designated manager immediate action.

Web Survey Solution is designed to serve as handout invitation system. Every guest, whose email address is not available on record or those who don't give out their email address, can receive the  paper invitation requesting them to go to the survey via the Internet. These guests will complete the survey on a web page. No sooner this is done, the data is processed and report updated automatically. The reports then become available to the management for immediate action.

Comment Cards is used within the hotel by placing it in the sleeping room, the lobby or elsewhere to make it convenient for the guests to fill it. Filled out cards are collected from the rooms and or at the time of checkout or from drop-boxes placed at the front desk. The Night Auditor or a designated hotel staff faxes the cards to the dedicated fax number for data entry into the QMS system. No sooner this is done, the reports are updated automatically and become available to the management for action.





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